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Just as one’s profession in some ways defines who we are as individuals, so too do the businesses that populate an economy define a country.

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Musings on Business

How does Erb’s Palsy Affect a Newborn?

Dr. Wilhelm Erb first described the condition that bears his name. Erb’s palsy is a type of brachial plexus palsy which is a birth injury caused when a baby’s neck is severely stretched during a difficult delivery during childbirth. Around .2% of all births result in some degree of this injury. Nerves, which are located…

Weight Loss Marketing

There is an old marketing adage that says “sell the sizzle, not the steak”. The sizzle appeals to the senses: the sound that the steak makes on a grill or grill plate, the smell of the grilled meat, the sight of the sizzling steak on a platter that makes your mouth water. It is easier…

Reasons to SEO your site

Of all the reasons why SEO should be part of your internet marketing plan, the fact that it works should be top of the list. But there are other reasons why you should seriously consider getting the right firm, a good firm, to manage the SEO for your site. 1. SEO will not go away….

Got SEO?

The Best Chicago SEO Firm Say you have a business that’s been doing all right for the past few years, despite the economy. But you know there is business out there that you are missing out on…business that your competitors seem to have the inside edge on. You have a website…it’s producing some leads and…

Spray Foam Insulation for Chicago Homes

Winter is definitely here. It’s had a grip on the Chicagoland area since mid-November and hasn’t let up. With the frigid temperatures we have experienced…-15 F. and below in some cases, you may have noticed that your home has felt cold in spots and drafty in others. We noticed that there was air leakage by…

Musings on Business

Just as one’s profession in some ways defines who we are as individuals, so too do the businesses that populate an economy define a country. 

Perhaps you remember doing geography reports in grammar school and listing out the “natural resources” of a country in your essay.  We humans are very good at using the resources that we have on hand as building blocks for making things and trading.  Most inhabited areas of the earth have some resources that man has employed in some way to build a unique economy.  Those that don’t, like the arctic, do not attract significant populations and therefore there is no reason for an economy or a country for that matter.

A company that builds a great brand has a very good chance at profit and longevity.  Similarly, a country that builds a business brand stands to profit in the world economy.  For years, the phrase “made in China” was not a positive one.  This brand image is currently undergoing a massive change to where even Apple is now making their iPhones in China.  China the brand has repaired its reputation and now occupies the position of the second largest economy in the world.  Japan also had a similar dubious distinction for many years but Japanese cars, such as the Honda, are now among the most reliable vehicles on the road.  People think nothing of buying a phone from Nokia or a TV or laptop from Toshiba.  The Japanese brand has worked its way out of its negative brand image as well.

The business brand of the U.S. has a foundation of entrepreneurship.  The nation was founded by farmers and shopkeepers and that same independent spirit that founded the nation is also programmed into the DNA of all Americans.  Some of the country’s largest and most successful corporations were founded in the basements and garages of Middle America.  You’ve heard the names.  Microsoft founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen was started in a garage.  Walt Disney’s first creations were drawn in a garage and the first Harley was built in a garage.  Even 250 years after its founding, the economy of the U.S. is driven by titans that had vision and a garage from where to launch their great ideas.

It is this pre-programmed DNA that defines the American economic brand.  Fearless.  Innovative.  Independent.  A small germ of an idea started by one individual with drive and ambition, and so far, an environment that rewards this can-do spirit.

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