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Say you have a business that’s been doing all right for the past few years, despite the economy. But you know there is business out there that you are missing out on…business that your competitors seem to have the inside edge on. You have a website…it’s producing some leads and some sales, but you know it could be better.

Have you had a site audit? By that we mean, has someone looked at your site to make sure you are getting everything you can out of it? Is it optimized for search on page? Are your links relevant and robust? Do you have a social presence that is working for you instead of you working for it? Are you showing up for the right keyword terms that your customers would use to find you? If so, or if not, where are you missing out that your competitors are filling the void?

Perhaps you need help in determining the answers to the above questions. If so, you’ll want to call a Chicago SEO Expert. An expert can give you these answers plus a little insight on what your competition is doing and how to beat them.

We often ask our customers ‘what would it be worth to you to increase your search traffic by just one term by four or 5 times’? Of course that depends on the business the customer is in…to a lawyer it may mean a difference of $100,000 per month for just one call from a potential client that has a personal injury caused by negligence. For a doctor, it can mean two or three rhinoplasty surgeries a month or $25,000 or more. To a roofer, it might mean six roofing jobs at $10,000 a piece. And that’s every single month of the year.

SEO works for you 24/7/365. And the best SEOs also work 24/7/365. When you are getting four or five times the business you did last month, isn’t it worth investigating what a really good SEO can do for you?

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Automating Insurance Policy Underwriting


Atlas Policy Administration System

With the inherent functionality of our Policy Administration System, underwriters, MGA’s, brokers and agents can issue/bind quotes and distribute policies in real-time via the Internet using the Atlas system.
Our policy administration system agency management portal offers agents a 24/7 website for real-time quoting/policy issuance, correspondence, billing, claims and management report access, while maintaining integrated rating and underwriting rules on a single computer system.
Allow your agents to access all home office functionality with a customized, simplified user interface.

24/7 Internet access to site and reports
Quick Quote
Rate/Bind/Issue Policies
Generate All Policy Forms and Correspondence, real-time
Real-Time Management Reports

What the Property and Casualty Industry is saying about PCMS’ Policy Administration System:

PCMS’ Atlas system has seamlessly integrated all of our P&C operations, allowed our agents the freedom to conduct business in real-time online, all while allowing us to grow our business over 50% in 2 years without adding additional staff.- United Home Insurance Company

Policy Administration Systems such as the Atlas system

To learn more about insurance policies, check out this Wikipedia article.

PCMS’ Atlas P&C Administration Software

P&C administration software


Atlas P&C Policy administration software features:

  • Automated underwriting, binding, and issuance capabilities for all P&C lines of business
  • Full policy life cycle transaction support, including versioning of all data
  • Full maintenance of rates, forms and rules changes
  • Real-time point-of-sale automation, third-party data integration, scoring and referral management
  • Single point of entry for all companies, and lines of business
  • True .NET SOA architecture allows integration with any third-party provider
  • Robust statutory/management/ad-hoc reporting capabilities
  • With the inherent functionality of our Policy Administration system, underwriters, MGA’s, brokers and agents can issue/bind quotes and distribute policies in real-time via the Internet using the Atlas system

Atlas Claim Administration Features:
Claims management means managing not only the claim, but digging deeper and understanding your insured’s and agents more in depth.

With our unified policy and claim solutions, you will know every aspect of the underlying policy before you start the claims adjudication processes. Fully integrated, single point of entry for policy and claim solutions. Complete claim life cycle administration from FNOL/FROI to Final Adjudication with integrated operational/management reports.




For more information on the Atlas suite of insurance software solutions and the AgenTree P&C Administration Software, visit
For more information on property and casualty insurance visit:

Spray Foam Insulation for Chicago Homes

Winter is definitely here. It’s had a grip on the Chicagoland area since mid-November and hasn’tfoam insulation let up. With the frigid temperatures we have experienced…-15 F. and below in some cases, you may have noticed that your home has felt cold in spots and drafty in others. We noticed that there was air leakage by our electrical outlets which we hadn’t noticed in previous winters.
After a while, batt and blown-in insulation loses its loft, and may sag in wall cavities. So if your home is more than 15 years old, you probably need to address your home’s insulation situation.
The best insulation in terms of R-value and efficiency is open or closed cell spray foam insulation. Spray foam creates a sealed barrier between the inside of your home and the elements protecting you from air movement (drafts), dampness penetration (moisture barrier) and cold or heat (thermal envelope). It is applied with a spray gun and the foam expands in the cavity filling all gaps and voids so there is no leakage of air, vapor or loss of temperature.

The above photo and video shows how easy and efficient the spray foam process is. For best results, a professional should be used to apply the foam. Even older homes can benefit from spray foam insulation
to seal up the cracks and crevices that settling causes over time. For more information on spray foam including foam insulation costs, follow this link for more videos, photos and facts.