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Say you have a business that’s been doing all right for the past few years, despite the economy. But you know there is business out there that you are missing out on…business that your competitors seem to have the inside edge on. You have a website…it’s producing some leads and some sales, but you know it could be better.

Have you had a site audit? By that we mean, has someone looked at your site to make sure you are getting everything you can out of it? Is it optimized for search on page? Are your links relevant and robust? Do you have a social presence that is working for you instead of you working for it? Are you showing up for the right keyword terms that your customers would use to find you? If so, or if not, where are you missing out that your competitors are filling the void?

Perhaps you need help in determining the answers to the above questions. If so, you’ll want to call a Chicago SEO Expert. An expert can give you these answers plus a little insight on what your competition is doing and how to beat them.

We often ask our customers ‘what would it be worth to you to increase your search traffic by just one term by four or 5 times’? Of course that depends on the business the customer is in…to a lawyer it may mean a difference of $100,000 per month for just one call from a potential client that has a personal injury caused by negligence. For a doctor, it can mean two or three rhinoplasty surgeries a month or $25,000 or more. To a roofer, it might mean six roofing jobs at $10,000 a piece. And that’s every single month of the year.

SEO works for you 24/7/365. And the best SEOs also work 24/7/365. When you are getting four or five times the business you did last month, isn’t it worth investigating what a really good SEO can do for you?

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