Of all the reasons why SEO should be part of your internet marketing plan, the fact that it works should be top of the list. But there are other reasons why you should seriously consider getting the right firm, a good firm, to manage the SEO for your site.
1. SEO will not go away. Yes, the algorithms change and people adapt. But the inherent benefits are still important – being on the first page of results will get your site more traffic, and if you convert, more dollars will accrue to your top line. Good SEOS know what is working now, and how those tactics can help your business prosper. Sitting back and waiting for a miracle won’t work…you have to be proactive.
2. If you ignore SEO, you are letting your competition have business without putting up a fight at all. The businesses at the top of search results get the majority of the traffic, and business. Doing nothing is no longer an option as more and more business is being transacted on the web versus legacy methods such as the yellow pages, newspaper ads and magazine ads. Your competition wants the top spots, is ready, willing and able to do what it takes to get there and stay there. And you are doing what?
3. Did you know that mobile traffic will overtake desktop traffic in 2014? Is your business ready to transact business over mobile devices? A phone call, a visit to your store, or a purchase can all begin with a mobile search. Make sure you are ready for this with a responsive site that is easy to navigate and read on all devices. And make sure your site is found on mobile searches with SEO that is optimized for local searches as well.