There is an old marketing adage that says “sell the sizzle, not the steak”. The sizzle appeals to the senses: the sound that the steak makes on a grill or grill plate, the smell of the grilled meat, the sight of the sizzling steak on a platter that makes your mouth water. It is easier to sell when you have the senses engaged.
This is very hard to do, however, when you are marketing your diet practice. Engaging the senses is probably not the best way to attract people that have real issues with food or that are suffering from weight gain. Their pain is real; and you need to be able to address their concerns rationally but with an appeal that they will respond to.
Instead of selling the sizzle, you can sell the image. This engages another sense, that of sight, and plugs into projecting how they will feel when they are thin or when they have solved their eating disorder. These two senses are also very powerful. Ask them to visualize how they will look after surgery or completing your meal replacement program. Ask them how they think they will feel when their clothing fits loosely. Have them tell you what it will be like to be able to climb a flight of stairs without stopping and without breathing so heavily they can’t talk. Or get them to tell you how it will feel to be able to walk all over Disneyland with their kids without feeling exhausted after only a few minutes. These are the outcomes that you want to engage their brains with; occupy their being with good feelings and good images of them enjoying their lives much more without health worries. Missing out on experiences and times with friends and family is a powerful and motivating force and you want to tap into those feelings as well. For more marketing tips, try American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery