Prince Phillip undergoing treatment in a London hospital

The husband of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Phillip, is reportedly undergoing treatment at a London hospital. The news was released by Buckingham Palace earlier this week. 

The statement released by the palace said the prince is currently receiving treatment for an infection and a previous heart condition. Both he and Queen Elizabeth received the coronavirus vaccine earlier this year.  

Prince Phillip has spent more than 14days in the hospital 

The 99-year-old prince Phillip was hospitalized for 14days in a hospital before he was transferred to another one. The new hospital he was transferred to will reportedly continue to treat his infection and the heart condition he suffers from. 

The new hospital he is currently registered in is a well-known cardiac care hospital. The hospital was described on its website as  "Europe's largest specialized cardiovascular service." Prince Phillip is expected to be discharged soon. 

His youngest son, Prince Edward, told reporters that the prince has recovered nicely and that his family was looking forward to his hospital discharge. He also added that prince Phillip is aware of the good wishes that have been sent his way.  

Prince Phillip has been hospitalized many times in recent years 

The soon-to-be 100 years old prince left the public eye around 2017. He has been hospitalized many times since then. Around late 2019, he was reportedly admitted to treating a pre-existing condition. 

Due to his frail health and the accident he suffered in 2019, he has also stopped driving. Prince Phillip and Queen Elizabeth currently spend most of their time away from London. They now reside in Windsor Castle and not Buckingham Palace. 

During the thick of the pandemic last year, Prince Phillip made a speech thanking the NHS and front-line workers. The palace has also encouraged British residents to follow COVID-19 safety protocols such as wearing masks in public and maintaining social distance.

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