Understanding the Science Behind Live Money Games

In the digital era, live money games are garnering immense popularity, and people are intrigued by the complex science lying underneath these fascinating realms. This enigmatic world merges technology, psychology, and mathematical probabilities in an intricate web to offer engaging gaming experiences. However, comprehending the underlying science might appear daunting. This article aims to demystify the essential scientific concepts that power these captivating live money games. Come, unravel t... See more

Apple exceeds sales expectations in China

Apple exceeded the quarterly sales target set in China. According to the sales report that was released earlier this year, their sales experienced a 57% growth of $21 billion. The sales growth was pushed by the release of the iPhone 12.  Even though China accounted for 20% of Apple's revenue in Q4 of 2020, the growth is a surprise as Apple does not have a good sales record in the Chinese market. Analysts also expected low sales volume because of the effect of the coronavirus pandemic on the Chin... See more